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This month’s Linux Journal has an article about Redis.  I read about it while sitting on the shitter, because that’s about all that Linux Journal is useful for.  The article itself was crap, but the introduction to this product was at least tempting.

The basics:  take memcached and add a disk backing, replication, virtual memory, and some cool additional data structures.  Hashes, lists, sets, sorting, joining, transactions, yay!  I instantly got a geek boner scanning the feature list.  My boner quickly faded to about half mast when I saw the C clients that are available.  No consistent hashing?  Wait, no server hashing at all? Yet they have a gay Ruby client, fully featured?  C is the lowest common denominator when it comes to language support.  Start there, then add high level bindings using this low level library.  libmemcached got it right.  You start on the bottom and work your way up to higher level bindings.  It seems that Redis took the wrong approach to this which will result in every language having a different client implementation.  This leads to inconsistencies between languages, which is bad news.  That on first glance gave me that headed-for-the-toilet feeling for this project.

With a half-mast boner, I decided to do some benchmark comparisons.  Perhaps I’ll see some real numbers that might arouse me.  Stand back, I’m going to do some science!

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